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American Import Assistance

Import Consulting & Management

We help you source and import safely and efficiently!

Import Services

We help you find sellers to source from, research sellers you have already found, arrange shipping and payments, and take care of logistics & legal. We can even manage your entire import operation.

Sourcing & Pricing

Find the right products from the right suppliers at the right price which is also the correct price you actually end up paying including cost of shipping, payment, insurance, taxes, fees, and duties. 

Payment & Financing

Keep your payments low and secure while making sure you don\’t miss out on any of the financing and insurance options offered by public and private actors to promote exports

Shipping & Delivery

Get your products all the way from the seller to wherever you want them without waiting too long, spending too much, finding yourself under-insured, or getting stuck on a border

Laws & Regulations

Stay out of trouble by making sure products are legal to export and import, market and sell, comply with all relevant regulations, and come with all paperwork timely and properly filed

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(If you want help with exports please visit American Export Assistance)

Why American Import Assistance

Importing can be a complicated and confusing process regardless of which countries products are imported to and from. It can also be expensive if something goes wrong, which is not uncommon. Unless you do a lot of importing it is hard to learn everything you need to get it right, and quite likely not worth it compared to having professionals assist you with it.
American Import Assistance helps you import to and from any country. We can help you with sourcing products, payments, financing, shipping, delivery, legal and regulatory issues, and clearing borders. We can also manage all of the above through our comprehensive import management services.
Relevant qualifications of American Import Assistance team members include licensed customs broker and freight forwarder, certified global business professional, business school professor, intellectual property lawyer and MBA. Contact us today and let us assist you with your imports!


Please contact us here, or by calling +1 504.302.8810. We look forward to hearing from you!